Doctors Services

Medical Emergencies
If you have a genuine problem, you should phone the Medical Centre and inform the receptionist that your problem is urgent. A doctor or nurse will try to see you the same day.

Home Visits
If you are too ill to visit the surgery, telephone the centre and ask for a home visit. You will need to telephone us as early as possible in the day so that arrangements may be made. Home visits are very time consuming for the Doctors, and limit the number of patients they can see in the Medical Centre, so it is advisable that you try to come to the centre. There the Doctors have access to greater medical facilities and resources.

Minor Surgeries

Certain surgical procedures, such as the removal of cysts and skin lumps, are carried out within the Medical Centre. These procedures can be arranged through one of the doctors.


Some services are not covered as part of the NHS; these include private medical examinations, travel vaccinations and signing passport applications. As these are not covered by our NHS budget, we charge a fee for such services, agreed with the British Medical Association. Please ask at reception for a list of current fees.

Nursing Services
Services include treatment of minor illness, accidents, dressings, ear syringing, pregnancy advice, asthma and diabetes, travel advice and removal of stitches. The nurses are particularly effective in health promotion and the prevention of illness. They welcome consultations on general health and lifestyle, including advice on travel.

Women’s Services

All the doctors and nurses give general contraceptive advice, including supplying the oral contraceptive pill.

Cervical Smears

Our doctors and nurses take cervical smears as part of the national screening programme. We recommend that women have a smear every three years.

Maternity Services
Our clinical team, including community midwives, provide a high quality service throughout and after your pregnancy. This includes antenatal and postnatal care, as well as general conception advice.